Home of the wonderful world of beautiful 50’s, 60’s and 70’s "girl next door " type of glamour girl. Spick & Span, Beautiful Britons, Silk, Black, Stockings & Suspenders, 50s, 60s and 70s style Petticoats, High Heels, Frilly Skirts and lot's more underwear. Also home of the incomareable Harrison Marks, June Palmer, Pamela Green, Vicky Kennedy and many more of the fantastic models from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

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Hi Jim .. just to say I've painlessly switched over to the new galleries.
Thanks for the prompt on the old site. All is good, as ever.The missing girl-help is Marie Fitzgerald, but I guess everyone has written and told you already :) Are we going to be getting new galleries every week/fortnight? Once a week would suit me, if you're up for it, and you think the market will stand it. The site changeover meant the latest gallery had quite a bit of overlap with the last of the old galleries, but I guess this is no big deal.Meanwhile I'm pleased to see it's going well for you, and am delighted as ever by the excellent Marie Fitzgeralds.The return of Melanie Davies would be cool. And a real blast from the past
would be Linda Groom.
thanx = kev

Hi Linda,
My compliments for your great site; it reminds me of the good old days, when women wore pettycoats,skirts&dresses, slips, classic white lingerie, stockings and suspenders and were not affraid of showing all those thrilling, breathtaking, frilly things. I like specially pictures of women, standing right up while lifting their skirt to fix thier suspenders and stocking tops. The late fifties and the first half of the sixties are my absolute favorite period, those were really the days for the lover of lingerie and stockings-with-suspenders
I also like pictures of women in white, classic full-slips with small shoulderstraps ("spaghetti-straps") and underneath of course white bra, panties or even better French Knickers and suspenders with stockings.
Very good are the pictures of Toni French: what a superb skirt she wears in gallery 403! More of these please, specially with the hem of the skirt somewhat higher so that we can look on stocking-tops, suspenders and white underwear.
kind regards

Jim .. great update ... Mel Davies, Marie Fitzgerald, Annette French and
Maggie McCully all in the same batch.
thanx = kev

Hello Linda,
 I'm Bernard from France. I enjoy to be a new member of your site, and I would like to know the dates of the next update.
For myself, your pics are marvellous though I love the most nice dresses and petiicoat pics.
Thank you for a reply.

Hi Jim/Linda/whoever
Thanks for your response.  I only contacted you because your Home Page asks for feedback as to "what you want".
Just viewed your new 228 pics - not a Directoire Knicker pic among them - oh dear!!  Must wait a little longer, I suppose!

I am pleased to have found your site and love those old Spick & Span pictures.  One small disappointment though - I would like more directoire knicker pics.  I am sure that for a period in the 60's one feature in every magazine highlighted these elegant garments.  I have found less than 60 in your archive of 4,000 pics - a mere 1.5%
I recall many superb sets featuring such lovely girls as Susan Douglas, Helen Milligan, Anne Scott, Ruth Cavendish, etc in directoires.  Can we see more please!
Thank you for your efforts in preserving what is for me a golden era.

God, the pictures of Toni Townsend are wonderful! She was a very-much underrated Spick and Span young lady. You seem to have an inexhaustible supply of this lovely girl. Let's hope you never run out! Thanks a million.

enjoyed the site very much

Tonight's update is brilliant ... marvellous :)
thanx yet again = kev

Hi Jim
It's getting close to the end of the month and I guess you must be warming
up to the finale for this month's posts.
So I thought I'd offer a few well-meant suggestions:
- The lovely Jane Rennie with/or any of her friends. Those duos and trios
are fab.
- Jane Paul if you have any at all. I know a lot of members have requested
her before. We'd die for her.
- Linda Groom and Liz Harvey are both favourites.
- Susan Douglas is a perennial for any SS fan.
- Melanie Davie and Sylvan Collins have both made recent appearances. Yummy!
- And last but not least, the ever stylish Vanda Vane Dotson.
Hope this helps when you're making up your mind.
Last but not least, I see I'm getting some exposure on your Welcome page.
You're welcome.
thanx = kev

Jim .. just a quick line to thank you for your fabulous efforts.
This update is stunning and I appreciate the work that goes into it,
especially when you've still got a business to run.
Jane Mercer and Maggy McCully ... I couldn't have asked for better in the
same series :)
I especially appreciate getting the update while there's still some weekend
left to enjoy it.
thanx again = kev

I've just become a member and agree with other subscribers that your site is superb. I have three specific requests:
1)  More more more of Annette French, Jane Rennie and Anne Grainger. They're the bee's knees of models.
     In particular, any topless shots (as in galleries 144 and 260) would be most welcome.
2)  Lots of images of Jane Paul, please. This superb busty Scottish model graced may a copy of Spick & Span, and so far there are none on your site. Again, there must be some pictures of her voluptuous breasts, and these would be excellent.
3)  You've had a few pictures of Hazel Shaw and Adrienne Houston, but I'd like to see a lot more.

Hey, Jim ... well done on finding these pics!
Haven't see Miss Vane Dotson for years (pine :)
More please, as soon as it's convenient.
The site is really coming on these days.
When you think back to your first site a few years back, and even your "home
printed" mags, there's no comparison now.
Do you have plans to expand, or is it enough of a handful just keeping up
with what you've already got?
Meanwhile, wishing you continued success.
thanx = kev

Hi Jim,
Just had a look at gallery 260.. I think that the shot of Jane Rennie
Leslie Peters, topless with the skipping rope is a very rare shot indeed. I
can't recall seeing it - or one like it in a series - in any of the ToCo
magazines. I reckon that it would have been too "daring" for Spick, Span or
Beautiful Britons during the late 50's or early 60's. I know that there
explicit pics published in some of the more "raunchy" magazines of the era
ToCo never took too many chances with their "girl next door" models, so, if
have more of these sort of pics of any of the ToCo "girls" then they have a
certain rarity value - almost unique, I guess. Very nice, tho, all the same.
Hope this puts a little perspective on things..
Dave P

Thanks jim,

There are many of the old Spick and Span girls I particularly like. In
gallery 53 there was a blonde bird who was known as Hazel Shaw (Not Jackie
Blair) I'd love to see more of her, and Linda Groom, Maggie McCully, Marilyn
Ward etc. The main thing for me is the raised skirt showing knickers. I just
love all those old fashioned b/w pics.



What a stunning set of Toni Townsend, proving she's very much an under-rated Spick and Span girl! Hope you still have a little bit more of her in the can.
Best wishes

Linda ... thanx for the reply. Appreciated.
The selection of Jane Rennie, Marilyn Ward, Liz Harvey and Annette French is
mind-blowingly great.
Congrats on your choice.
I'm off on holiday after the 20th.
If something was up for then I would be eternally grateful :)
thanx = kev

Thanks for the recent galleries, in particular the ones with J rennie/les Peters. This is a very rare
series as both appear topless, which I have never seen before. So where are the
rest of the photos? You are putting up all of the "Ice Maidens" series
so please give us the rest of these.
In the same way, in one gallery of Tony Finchcress, there is part of an older set in a house,
where she poses in bra on a chair. Can we see the rest of this please?
You still have not shown Liz Gammage, one of the best models S&S ever found.
The other model of course is A French, in particular her indoor seies.
I think the galleries are improving, with some of the shots that were never published,
as they were considered too revealing at the time.
So please keep up the good work

Perhaps some of the pictures were from the original shooting sessions with
different poses of the girls. Example: Galleries #125,225,264, and #265 of
Annette French and Ann Grainger. They're all from the same shoot, but I
guess they seem to me to be the same. At any rate, I did enjoy the site and
will return in the future to check out new galleries. Keep the site up and
good luck.


Hi Linda

I asked for a particular model to be shown, but I was most impressed to see Toni Townsend and Maggie McCully, as well as Cherry Lennox. Well done!


Hi Linda,

As a new subscriber, I want to say how much I enjoy the pictures on your
site. They are more sensual and erotic than most of the hardcore junk you
see today. I'd love to see more girls in their crinoline dresses exposing
their nylon white panties, stockings and garterbelts. I don't particularly
get turned on by black panties. But I know there are guys out there that do.
Your pictures remind me of the wonderful 50s and 60s Spic and Span
publication. Keep sending those great pictures and I'll be a regular



I have a picture request...if possible...
Do you have any additional pictures of ...Helen Baxter ?
I would dearly love to see more of her's posted ! :-)

Thanks...and Take Care...

Linda ... just a short note to congratulate you on the excellence of the new
I was a bit wary of joining at first, but now that I have, I can appreciate
that the scan quality is so much better.
The pics are bigger (great) and the scan quality is more natural, like the
originals (more great).
I can see that I'm going to be a member for some time!
I'm happy with whichever models you choose for your next update, but Maggie
McCully or Jane Rennie would not go amiss.
Thanx for an excellent new site, and good to know you're all still thriving
up there in York.

K. R.


Thanks for the new galleries, a great improvement, even if they are slowing down a bit.

I would like to enter a request for more pictures of Liz Gammage and Annette French. Both of these models posed for topless or very revealing shots, and in the 60s it was too expensive to buy all of the photographs which were available. There must be hundreds of this type of shot, and it would be great to see them at last.

I have noticed that you tend not to give the topless shots of all models, even when I know they were taken (eg.Marie Graham, Susan Smith, Anne Scott). Marie Graham for example had several series, in tights only, on a picnic, on the phone etc, etc. Is there a reason for this?

Keep up the good work, it really is appreciated, but a bit more revealing please.



I took out Gallery Club membership in early February and have consumed all
the lists available. This has been tremendous value. Everyone has their
stars; mine are Cherry Lennox and the Kent sisters. Cherry stands out; she
has a lot of class. Any more photos of her and the Kent sisters would make
very happy.

Please keep up the good work.

Best wishes


.....Dear Linda:
I think you have the best British nostalgia site in the business. Well worth your price. My particular favorites are the Spick and Span models of the later 50's and early 60's. Of these, I can't get enough of Roseanne Stewart, Dawn Grayson and Susan Douglas. Do you have any more of them. Perhaps even on a CD.
Best Regards,
B. P........

....Hi Linda
First things first, I just want to say that the pictures are fantastic. Modern day magazines just don't come anywhere near.
I really like the colour pictures that look like they're from the 70s especially those of the blonde lady in red bikini panties (3 pics page 47) and the Joan Collins lookalike on a sun lounger in the same style underwear on page 57. Just wondered if you had any rear view photos of these woman in their panties? 
All the best Jim...